John Deere’s DirectDrive Transmission Proves Highly Fuel Efficient

John Deere's DirectDrive Transmission proves to be highly fuel efficient
John Deere's DirectDrive Transmission proves to be highly fuel efficient
According to an article from Stackyard, John Deere’s DirectDrive transmission with double clutch technology is highly fuel- and time-efficient compared to the other forms of transmission available.

This claim was proven true during a fuel efficiency test performed; four tractors, each identically prepared, were driven more than 5,000KM in an effort to achieve reliable results. The four vehicles were tested with and without trailers, and when the results were in, the John Deere 6210R equipped with the DirectDrive transmission recorded the lowest liquid consumption per kilometer, both with and without the attached trailer. This translated into a five percent less than the average cost of the combined fuel and liquid used by the four tractors.

Alexander Berges, division marketing manager of John Deere’s Mannheim tractor factory, stated, “Since the DirectDrive solution combines the comfort of a step-less transmission with the efficiency of a mechanical transmission, higher average speeds were also recorded for the 6210R. The resulting savings would lower the overall operating costs even further.”

Technical expert Herrmann Thomsen of the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture, also stated, “In conclusion, we can say that the 6210R DirectDrive tractor was indeed five percent more fuel efficient than the overall average. And if you look at this five percent cost efficiency improvement, it may be worthwhile, especially when making a purchasing decision. Five percent in terms of fuel efficiency is worth a lot of money.”

The John Deere DirectDrive transmission allows for a more fuel efficient experience for operators, resulting in saved time and budget that can be re-assigned to other projects and purchases.