John Deere's Mobile Farm Manager Becomes A Major Company Milestone

John Deere's Mobile Farm Manager was created to help farmers in the field
John Deere's Mobile Farm Manager was created to help farmers in the field
According to a John Deere press release, agriculture and farming efforts can be further simplified for producers with Deere’s latest technological advancement, the “Mobile Farm Manager Application.”

The Mobile Farm Manager Application includes a number of functions that producers will likely find useful, according to the press release. Some of the features include field maps, historical reports, GPS tracking, field navigation, and soil sampling grids. Customers who download the Mobile Farm Manager can share agronomic information with agricultural service providers, farm mangers, and other advisors as needed to streamline the communication process with increased accuracy. The application is available via free download through the Apple store and is compatible with iPads and iPhones that connect to the customer’s Apex Farm Management Software.

Tyler Hogrefe, senior product marketing manager for John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, says, "With Mobile Farm Manager on their mobile devices, producers now have remote access to the important agronomic information they need in order to make better management decisions. It makes it much easier to analyze field data such as application and fertility maps, soil sample grids, and crop product data directly from the field."

The Mobile Farm Manager Application is the latest technological offering from Deere as part of its ongoing John Deere Farm Sight strategy. This application should ease the communications process and overall management of the agricultural process for producers. Technology continues to advance the agricultural industry and this application is the latest evidence.