John Deere's U.S. Army Reserve Partnership Provides Veterans with New Career Opportunities

Deere joined the SkillBridge program in August 2020.
Deere joined the SkillBridge program in August 2020.

In an effort to provide active-duty soldiers with the education and skills they need for future employment, Deere and Company has entered an agreement with the U.S. Army Reserve Private Public Partnership Office. The goal will be to assist service members in their transition back to civilian life.

Under the new agreement, the U.S. Army Reserve will expand upon the SkillBridge program, which the Department of Defense developed. It was created to help place active-duty military members in civilian positions during their last six months of service. Those who participate also receive on-the-ground training and industry education to support their efforts.

"John Deere is honored to give back to our nation's veterans by helping them translate the breadth of valuable knowledge and skills they retained during active duty and develop them into a new career path," said David Ottavianelli, director of the workforce and community development at Deere. "This partnership not only helps our soldiers and their families at a critical stage in life but will also support growth within our local communities and business."

Deere joined the SkillBridge program in August 2020. Since then, more than 395 active-duty service members and veterans have filled roles within the company, as well as at John Deere dealerships. The U.S. Army Reserve Private Public Partnership Office helps provide Army members with the skills, education, and expertise required to enter the private sector once returning to civilian life. Its collaboration with Deere is one example of its increasing efforts to forge connections between soldiers and employment, internship, and education opportunities.

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