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Kansas county mounts effort to combat equipment theft

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

People in a Kansas county can sign up for email alerts for farm equipment theft.
People in a Kansas county can sign up for email alerts for farm equipment theft.

A county sheriff's office in Kansas recently announced a new program to assist in fighting against the theft of construction and farm equipment.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office's Theft Reports of Agriculture and Construction Equipment initiative aims to help inform people in the county about suspicious activity. Those interested can sign up for the TRACE program through the sheriff's website,

"Once an individual or business has been put on the distribution list they will be able to receive emails from TRACE," the sheriff's office said.

Participants in the program will be able to report equipment thefts, including the make, model and year of the stolen machinery. They will also be able to include any suspicious individuals that may be associated in the case.

One potential advantage to the system is it will make it more difficult for thieves to try and resell equipment after they've stolen it. It will also keep people on the lookout, much like a neighborhood watch does for residential areas.

Though being informed may help catch thieves, there are other ways for owners to keep their machinery safe. For example, they may consider taking out batteries or ignition switches from pieces of farm and construction equipment that aren't being used.

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