Keep children away from farm equipment

People should not have children as passengers on farm equipment.
People should not have children as passengers on farm equipment.
Drivers may see more farm equipment on the road in coming weeks given that the harvest season is approaching.

And when it comes to avoiding accidents, people using farm equipment should keep in mind that educating their children is an important step in keeping them safe. In a recent story for the Daily Review Atlas of Monmouth, Illinois, Carol Ricketts noted that having passengers, especially children, in farm equipment is something people should avoid.

"Children love to ride on tractors, but it is very dangerous," Ricketts, who is the manager for the Warren County Farm Bureau in Illinois, said.

Ricketts noted that in order to help with preventing farm injuries, the farm board puts on a number of safety programs for children every year. Some are scheduled to occur both this week and next, which is perfect timing for National Farm Safety and Health Week.

Along with keeping children away from farm equipment, people need to take care when traveling on rural roads. When encountering farm vehicles, drivers need to slow down and have patience when waiting to pass. Farmers should make sure their vehicles are clearly marked with slow-moving-vehicle signs and have their emergency flashers going when navigating roadways.