Lawn tips for the middle, end of winter

There are things people can do for grass in the snowy months.
There are things people can do for grass in the snowy months.
Homeowners who have used lawn mowers to take care of their grass in the summer probably want to make sure all that work makes it through the winter.

However, some may feel as though there is nothing they can do while grass is dormant and the snow falls. In a recent piece for, writer Marcia Passos Duffy noted there are things some people can do while the white stuff still covers their lawn.

During the middle of the winter, Passos Duffy said homeowners should concentrate on cleaning up any debris that collects on the snow, such as branches or logs.

"Snow that falls on debris can smother the grass underneath it," Passos Duffy wrote, adding that people should stay off their lawns during this time if there is no snow on the ground.

In the later parts of winter and in the early spring, lawn owners should attempt to prevent mold by spreading out large piles of snow. People should also avoid walking on lawns that are too moist, as compacting grass can damage it.

In addition to Passos Duffy's tips, consumers may take the spring to get their lawnmowers ready for summer duties. That would include checking fluids, changing filters and getting blades sharpened.