Looking for directions, Russian pilot hits piece of farm equipment

A piece of farm equipment was hit by an airplane in Russia.
A piece of farm equipment was hit by an airplane in Russia.
A Russian man operating a piece of farm equipment recently got a scare from the air.

The Associated Press, relying on the RIA- Novosti news service, said that a lost pilot spotted the piece of agricultural equipment on the ground and decided to land in order to ask for directions.

Instead, the plane clipped the piece of farm equipment and broke its landing gear, which led to the crash. The AP noted that Oleg Ugnivenko, with the Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry, said that there were no injuries associated with the crash.

Though it is unlikely a farmer will run into this kind of hazard, there are plenty of other safety concerns to keep in mind while operating farm equipment. For example, farmers should make sure to survey their fields before they start planting and take note of any hazards that could impede their progress.

Furthermore, producers who take their machines onto roads should ensure they have the proper vehicle designation sign on their farm equipment while flashing their safety lights. Doing so could help them avoid a collision with another vehicle.

As for avoiding a plane ... that may be another story.