Make sure soil depth is sufficient before laying down sod

Having the right amount of soil is important when planting sod.
Having the right amount of soil is important when planting sod.
Those who have used tractors to care for their lawns may be thinking about how to improve the health of their property's grass.

A recent story from the San Antonio Express-News noted there are a number of things people may consider when trying to improve their lawns, especially if their grass has been hurt by a lack of precipitation. Some may consider putting down new sod, though they should make sure the soil on their property can properly support the new grass.

"Before you resod a lawn, test the soil depth at various locations all over the site," the Express-News report said. "If there is not 6 inches or more of soil, consider adding some before you put down grass."

When putting down new soil, the news organization noted that people should consider getting a commercially-prepared mix, though using plain soil is also an option. However, plain soil may not supply the best conditions for a lawn, especially because of the makeup of earth in the San Antonio area.

Along with putting down sod, some homeowners may consider reseeding their lawns. Doing so now may help give grass a head start before the hot summer months take their toll. Furthermore, it may help grass get a foothold before weeds can crop up.ADNFCR-2034-ID-19487457-ADNFCR