Man allegedly used stolen farm equipment on his property

A warrant has been issued for a man who allegedly stole farm equipment.
A warrant has been issued for a man who allegedly stole farm equipment.
A 30-year-old Kansas man is being held in connection with farm equipment thefts that occurred across a number of states.

The Omaha World-Herald reported that an arrest warrant has been issued by Nebraska's Keith County for Matthew T. Jones, who is being detained by officials in Kansas. The warrant is in regard to thefts that occurred near Paxton, Nebraska.

Allegedly, Jones stole two pieces of farm equipment, which he was using on his property located near Colby, Kansas.

"You can make a little bit of money if you don't have to purchase your own farm equipment," Keith County Sheriff Kevin E. Mueller told the World-Herald.

The two pieces of farm equipment involved in the Keith County warrant include a tractor and and planter. The tractor was owned by Roric Paulman, a resident of Sutherland, Nebraska. The planter, however, was owned by the John Deere Corp. and was one of three made in the United States.

Citing a report from the Kansas Bureau of Investigations, the World-Herald reported a number of other pieces of farm equipment were found on Jones' property, including four other tractors.

According to the National Equipment Register, there are a number of steps people can take if they find that their farm equipment has been stolen. Thefts should be reported as soon as they are noticed, and owners should include details like the make, model and product number of the equipment stolen.