Manure bubbles on Indiana farm worry neighbors

A dairy farm in Indiana is having problems with its manure pool.
A dairy farm in Indiana is having problems with its manure pool.
An Indiana dairy farmer facing money troubles is now trying to deal with a whole different kind of economic bubble.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Tony Golstein's dairy farm has a large manure pool whose plastic liner has come undone. As a result, large pockets of methane gas have inflated parts of the liner, creating bubbles that in some cases are 20 feet high.

Getting the liner fixed would be difficult for Golstein, as it may cost more than $200,000. However, the bubbles have worried neighbors, especially with the prospect that they could explode.

However, Golstein, who recently filed for bankruptcy, has a plan in order to reduce the bubbles and gas that have formed. He plans on paddling around the manure pool in a boat and cutting the liner in order to release the trapped gas.

"I have no fear popping them," Golstein told the Journal.

His neighbors, on the other hand, aren't as sure about his plan. The Journal noted that officials in the state are considering Golsteins proposition.

Economic difficulties have led farmers like Goldstein to have to make difficult choices in the last few years. Meanwhile, farm equipment sales have also dropped as the entire industry faces the effects of the Great Recession.