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Mulch leaves with used tractor to help grass

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall leaves can be turned into mulch with a used tractor.
Fall leaves can be turned into mulch with a used tractor.

Having to collect leaves with a rake and bag may be one of those chores that people abhor during the fall months.

However, property owners may be able to turn to their used tractors to get the job done while also benefiting their lawns. According to a recent report in Kansas' Lawrence Journal-World, horticulture expert Jennifer Smith noted leaves can be mulched with a piece of lawn equipment.

Doing so will help break the leaves down, leading to a source of nutrients for the ground and grass.

"If leaves get too thick over the lawn, they will prevent sunlight from reaching the grass, so the best method is to mow frequently," Smith wrote. "Grass will die if it goes too long without sunlight."

Fall may also be a good time to do some additional watering on a lawn. Doing so will give grass a chance to develop a deeper root structure, as cooler weather is conducive to growth.

By giving grass this head start, lawn owners may find it fares better in the face of droughts and weeds.

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