Multiple departments respond to Massachusetts greenhouse fire

Most of a greenhouse company was saved from a fire in Massachusetts.
Most of a greenhouse company was saved from a fire in Massachusetts.
A greenhouse fire in Sudbury, Massachusetts, required the response of multiple fire departments recently.

According to the commonwealth's Department of Fire Services, damages at Sudbury's Cavicchio Greenhouses are estimated at $4.5 million. Firefighters from surrounding communities - including Bedford, Concord, Framingham, Marlboro and others - aided in putting down the blaze.

Sudbury Fire Chief Kenneth MacLean said emergency responders were able to save 70 percent of the company's holdings from the fire.

"Mutual aid was key to having enough firefighters be able to put enough water on this fire to keep it from spreading to the rest of the property," MacLean said.

State Fire Marshal Stephen Coan said additional help was called in because of the particular hazards involved in putting out a fire at a greenhouse. A report from the Boston Globe noted that could include the fertilizer located at such a business.

While firefighters were busy putting out the blaze in Massachusetts, emergency responders in Pennsylvania took part in a training program last weekend that highlighted the particular tactics needed when dealing with farm equipment emergencies.