Nebraska to Experience Above-Average Summer Temperatures; Could Affect Planting, Tilling, Spraying, and Haying

Above-average summer temperatures could affect farming in Nebraska
Above-average summer temperatures could affect farming in Nebraska

According to a recent article, Nebraska is expected to experience above-average temperatures this summer, which could prove to be a challenge when it comes to planting, tilling, spraying, and haying.

Nebraska, much like other parts of the country, has experienced wet weather conditions throughout the spring, the article states. Despite this, state climatologist Al Dutcher claims Nebraska is still projected to experience higher-than-normal temperatures from now through August. “The Climate Prediction Center has yet to back off its projections for summer heat across the central and southern High Plains region,” Dutcher says. “The two-week forecast for early June indicates above-normal temperatures for all of Nebraska, except extreme northeast Nebraska.”

According to Dutcher, the higher temperatures will come alongside below-average precipitation through June and July and into mid-August. However, Nebraska could see potential heavy precipitation throughout the next two weeks, which means the moisture deficit may not start until the middle of June, he says.

“Short-term model forecasts continue to point toward an active weather pattern for the western Corn Belt through mid-June,” Dutcher reports. “The models show continued development of upper air troughs over the western U.S., moving northeast toward the western Great Lakes. This is a perfect scenario for bouts of heavy rain and severe weather for the central and northern Plains. Planting, tillage, spraying, and haying could continue to prove to be a challenge in the short-term."

While rainfall continues to sweep across the country, Nebraska may come up “on the short side for critical crop moisture” due to above-normal temperatures expected for later this summer, reports.