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Need fuel for farm equipment? Pass the butter, please

Friday, July 30, 2010

While butter is usually used for bread, it could also be used as a fuel for engines.
While butter is usually used for bread, it could also be used as a fuel for engines.

Alternate fuels for farm equipment and other machines have become a popular research topic for many scientists.

And now, yet another source for powering engines may have been found, according to a recent report from the American Chemical Society. The group said that scientists have managed to make butter a potential option in the race to find other sources of fuel.

"As researchers seek additional and affordable feedstocks for biodiesel production, these scientists turned to butter, one billion pounds of which are produced annually," the ACS said.

In their experiment, the researchers took fat from butter and turned it into the acid esters that make up biodiesel. Their findings show that the result failed only one of the standard tests used for the fuel.

As a result, the scientists said that additional purification efforts or combining the butter-based fuel with other forms of biodiesel could present a viable option for powering these machines.

While the farm industry looks for alternatives to oil, other markets are also paying attention. For example, the world of aviation is developing new fuels for jets in an effort to be more environmentally friendly and economically independent.ADNFCR-2034-ID-19915047-ADNFCR

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