New baler set to help maximize efficiency

Deere's new baler has several upgrades to its efficiency.
Deere's new baler has several upgrades to its efficiency.
Agriculture and farming machinery giant John Deere's new baler was designed to be more efficient during harvesting, according to a published report.

The 900 Series balers, which comprise the 960 and 990 lines, are only available in limited quantity through the remainder of 2011 but will be more widely available in time for next season.

Equipped with a Fast Release System, the 900 Series variable chamber round baler is especially effective at reducing waiting time while operators use it during harvesting season.

The 900 Series' appeal comes from its improved operator comfort and the efficiency and density of the bales it outputs. External pressure is more easily manageable due to a full-frame design.

The Fast Release System helps more quickly generate bales, which takes no more than five seconds. The new machinery slashes at minimum 10 seconds from the process that conventional machinery employs. Further, instead of using a heavy rear door, the newly manufactured machinery makes use of a "curtain" design.

As part of the 900-series' intention to maximize efficiency, the new-generation balers are equipped with side panels that open and prevent chamber jamming. By contrast, the older models employed side walls.