New disk harrow products introduced by John Deere

A new product from John Deere may help even out soils.
A new product from John Deere may help even out soils.
Having implements that can attach to new and used tractors to get farm work done in quick order can make the life of a farmer a bit easier.

Recently, John Deere announced that its Frontier line of products features a number of new tandem disk harrows. The new models feature widths between 18 feet to 32 feet and are constructed from tubular steel.

"The TM51 Series Tandem Disk Harrow features hydraulic folding wings, dual wheels for consistent disking depth and transport, and oil-bath-tapered roller bearings with industrial grade seals for maximum durability and lower maintenance," John Deere Frontier marketing manager Tom Elliott said.

Elliott also noted that features on the TM51 harrows should reduce ridges seen in the soil, which will result in a more level surface. They also can fold to sizes that are safer for transporting.

John Deere also announced a number of other new products, including updated displays for its precision agriculture line of equipment. A new satellite signal-location device is another feature the company has highlighted recently.