New John Deere EZtrak Mower Models Designed to Reduce Mowing Time for Homeowners

John Deere EZtrak Extends Its Family
John Deere EZtrak Extends Its Family
Homeowners have the opportunity to reduce yard maintenance time through added speed, comfort, and functionality, with the release of two new additions to John Deere EZtrak Mowers’ family.

According to a company press release, John Deere recently introduced the Z235 and Z255 EZtrak zero-turn mower models, which take a nod from existing John Deere commercial grade mowers, both offering a 7-mph operation with a robust belt drive transmission that boosts ground speed for operators. A frame that is 20 percent thicker than previous models provides more durability, and 180-degree spin supplies maneuverability, reducing the number of passes required to mow a lawn. The Z235 and Z255 also come with two mower deck options of different sizes which lift and distribute clippings evenly.

The Deere Company continues to enhance comfort and functionality with their mowers, according to Kim Ridel, John Deere product marketing manager. "In addition to speed, both comfort and functionality are important when doing outdoor yard work. The unique comfort features—such as larger foot platforms and taller foot rests—fit the comfort needs of a variety of customers. Celebrating our 50th year in the lawn and garden equipment business, the Z235 and Z255 join a broad line of more than 30 John Deere zero-turn radius mowers for commercial and residential use.”

The new additions to the EZtrak zero-turn mower models such as the Z255 offer homeowners machines that will increase mowing and lawn maintenance time through updated features, allowing for valuable time to be spent elsewhere.