John Deere HX6 and HX7 Rotary Cutters
John Deere HX6 and HX7 Rotary Cutters
John Deere has introduced two new rotary cutters that provide more finely cut vegetation and more convenient maintenance for users. The John Deere HX6 and HX7 are the company’s latest rotary cutters, replacing the JD609 and JD709 and improving upon familiar features and designs.

According to the product announcement, one of the biggest advancements offered by these machines is the industry exclusive double-deck design, which prevents water and other debris from collecting around the top of the unit, due to its domed upper deck, and reduces the chance of rust build up.

The new rotary cutters leave a cleaner swath and possess a deeper cutting chamber than any competitor, according to Roberto De La Garza, product specialist for John Deere. The cutters have variable cutting heights from two to nine inches and come in two different cutting widths: six and seven feet. The cutters have an operating speed of five mph, allowing them to cut through materials up to three inches in diameter.

De La Garza also says, "These new rotary cutters have been designed to provide years of heavy-duty mowing performance while being easy to clean and maintain. They are a perfect match with John Deere 5 and 6 Series Tractors. Rotary cutter customers will be able to utilize the machine with the same trust they've had in the previous models.”

These new John Deere rotary cutters are expected to be shipped out at the start of the New Year, giving agricultural professionals a new piece of machinery to improve the harvesting process.