New option for logging equipment released by John Deere

Deere unveils new undercarriage option for Feller Bunchers.
Deere unveils new undercarriage option for Feller Bunchers.
John Deere recently introduced a way for its 753J Feller Buncher piece of forestry equipment to operate with more stability in rough or inclined terrain. The U7 heavy-duty undercarriage is an optional attachment that increases work output.

Elliott Little, product marketing manager for John Deere Feller Bunchers, spoke about forestry workers' desire to do more work in less time.

"At the forefront of all loggers' minds is continually finding new ways to be more productive," he said. "In the Northeast especially, that often means working more efficiently in hilly, rocky terrain. This longer, tougher undercarriage is designed to meet that challenge."

The bigger, heavier undercarriage consists of larger-than-standard parts that last longer. Easier access to the rollers has been achieved by moving them from the center to nearer to the ends of the undercarriage. Enhanced stability enables the machine to work more rapidly and handle larger loads, as it can reach for new material without adjusting its position.

Ideal solutions for close-range or steep-inclined forestry work, Deere's J-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers feature lengthy felling swaths, high-grade hydraulic systems and comfortable, well-equipped operator cabs.