New rules for carriers in Iowa have taken effect

New rules for trucks in Iowa are in play.
New rules for trucks in Iowa are in play.
Some people who use farm equipment in Iowa may find that they have to comply with new rules regarding carriers.

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation's Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement, carriers working in the state will have to display the name of their company or farm, along with their U.S. Department of Transportation number, on their vehicles.

"This procedural change applies only to intrastate operators," the IDOT stated. "Carriers crossing state lines and intrastate for-hire carriers have been required to have and display a USDOT number for the past several years."

The new regulation took effect in the state on February 1 of this year. Though officials will issue only verbal warnings for now, starting January 1, 2011, citations will begin to come, which bring a $25 fine and court costs.

According to a recent report from Pennsylvania's Tribune-Democrat, some famers in the state are bristling at federal regulations that will take effect on March 1. Through the new rules, those who use farm equipment in the country will have to follow the same regulations set forth for interstate trucking firms.