New techniques, used tractors featured during progress show

New farm techniques and used tractors were featured during a show.
New farm techniques and used tractors were featured during a show.
Used tractors and newer pieces of technology were featured during this year's Farm Progress Show, which was held in Boone, Iowa.

This year marked the 57th time the Farm Progress Show was held. It occurred over a three-day period that featured a lot of rain, although precipitation drained away quickly, according to event representative Matt Jungmann.

Jungmann said a number of organizations had to be recognized in light of the show's success. Those included state law enforcement personnel and members of county support services.

"These are the behind the scenes players that make the Farm Progress Show an enjoyable event to attend," Jungmann said.

The show features new developments in agriculture, including demos that showcase the ability and compare the performance of the latest farm equipment.

However, antique and used tractors were also featured, as were animal training demonstrations, art displays and entertainment.

Farm shows across the country often showcase antique and used tractors, as these older models can be popular with attendees. Often these pieces of equipment give younger generations the ability to see how people used to work fields and produce food.