New technologies revolutionize the agricultural industry

Technology alongside agriculture changes constantly
Technology alongside agriculture changes constantly
Faming equipment technology is a booming industry. Gone are the days of manual harvesting and planting observation. According to Farm Industry News, now several tractors, plows, seeders and more have computers and technology that aid efficient cultivation.

Several John Deere tractors come equipped with advanced touch screen monitors, according to the manufacture's website. These GreenStar command centers aid in supervising assorted functions, including engine oil pressure, ground speed, slip percentage and fuel used per hour. There is an observation system as well to enable the operator to view a video feed of the planting or seeding process.

Extra features are available in some models, including the 8R and 8RT Series tractors. XM radio can be installed and farmers can add Bluetooth technology to the cabin.

For 2011, there is the new IVT AutoMode that adjusts tractor conditions according to its usage. The website says the engine and transmission will sense alterations, such as a heavy draft load, and correct itself to save of fuel efficiency.

Growers may be able to manage time spent in their field more cost-effectively with John Deere equipment and a state-of-the-art command center.