Ohio firefighters brush up on rescues involving farm equipment

Differences in farm equipment may present challenges to firefighters.
Differences in farm equipment may present challenges to firefighters.
When dealing with accidents that involve farm equipment, firefighters may find it beneficial to get some additional training.

Such was the case for firefighters from a number of communities in Ohio, who gathered for a special, three-day training course involving farm equipment, the state's Madison Press newspaper reported recently. The exercises marked the first class presented by the Madison County Training Council, which was formed this year.

According to Captain Tim Stainer, who is the lead instructor with the training council, the classes gave firefighters the chance to get hands-on experience with different pieces of farm equipment.

"The problem with farm equipment is that it is not smooth underneath like a car at an accident scene," Stainer told the paper. "Each equipment needs to be lifted differently."

Stainer said the classes also covered remote rescues, where firefighters might have trouble getting equipment out to the scene of an emergency. Particular aspects of farm-related rescue, such as grain elevators, also were presented.

Now might be a good time for firefighters to refresh themselves on what it takes to successfully navigate an emergency situation involving farms and agricultural equipment. Because of wet weather in parts of the country, many farmers are still harvesting their crops despite the fact it is getting darker earlier. The dark conditions could lead to more roadway accidents involving farm equipment.