Online game featuring farm equipment popular with Facebook users

A new Facebook application features farm equipment.
A new Facebook application features farm equipment.
A recently-introduced Facebook application featuring farms and farm equipment has quickly become one of the most popular games on the social networking site.

FarmVille is an application developed by online game company Zynga that allows Facebook users to run their own farms. According to the blog, Zynga now has over 100 million monthly users of its games, and FarmVille has helped boost the number of participants.

According to the FarmVille Facebook page, the application has 35,630,607 monthly active users.

"One thing is clear: Farming is rapidly becoming big business on Facebook," the blog's Nick O'Neill noted. "There are now over 72 million farmers on Facebook across the top farming applications. Just about every game developer is getting into the farming business."

According to the blog's Facebook application statistics tracker, FarmVille is now the most popular application on the social networking site.

A new study conducted by Nicholson Kovac Inc. shows that 47 percent of growers spend five or more hours online, which includes using e-mail, checking weather reports and looking at market prices.