Optimizing Farming Together with Oxbo's Detasseling Machine

In the precision agriculture world, detasseling machines help seed companies, contractors, and farmers get the most out of their crops.
In the precision agriculture world, detasseling machines help seed companies, contractors, and farmers get the most out of their crops.

Optimization of the corn detasseling process is a constant priority for seed companies, agricultural contractors, and farmers. Starting the process too early can reduce yields while starting too late can cause female rows of corn to self-pollinate and disrupt the genetic purity of the crop.

Now, a collaboration between John Deere and storied agricultural equipment brands worldwide offers growers an unprecedented opportunity to simplify detasseling and increase productivity, quality, and yields.

The Oxbo 5180 detasseling machine, powered by John Deere’s 4.5L Stage V engine and supported by world-class customer service from distributor E.P. Barrus Ltd., gives growers equipment flexibility and utility, unlike anything they have used for corn detasseling in previous growing seasons.

Untangling the Challenging Science of Detasseling Corn

The signature kernel of the corn plant is formed when the male part of the plant pollinates the female part’s silk. Two inbred rows are planted for hybrid seed corn — a female row for new hybrid seeds and a male row for pollination. That’s what makes detasseling so critical. It’s vital for cross-pollination and ensuring fertilization only happens in male rows, as intended.

Growers have days — typically between 5 to 10 — to detassel. Waiting longer or acting too soon means female rows could self-pollinate and cause genetic impurities. Given the sensitive nature of this process, cutting precision and the accuracy of tassel removal is critical.

Achieve Flexibility and Accuracy with Oxbo 5180 Detasseler

Oxbo’s detasseling machine is a triple-threat solution during the growing season for corn. The signature quality of Oxbo’s equipment, paired with the reliability and power of John Deere’s 4.5L Stage V engine, makes for one of the most advanced and flexible detasseling machines available. And, backed by the support and expertise of distributor E.P. Barrus Ltd., owners have access to unparalleled customer service and technical support.

Features and benefits growers can expect from the Oxbo detasseling solution include:

  • Ability to remove 97% of tassels — exceeding the industry standard.
  • A Detector Vision feature that adjusts cutter and puller settings based on corn height, increasing consistency.
  • Steer-by-Stalk functionality that can keep chassis aligned between rows at speeds up to 15 mph.
  • The TS4 toolbar is fully adjustable between 23.5- to 27.5-inch rows and is capable of 4:1, 4:2, 6:1, and 6:2 configurations, enabling contractors to switch from cutting to pulling in under 30 minutes.
  • A foldable boom that can allow equipment to reach 25 mph on the road.
  • After two seasons in the field, the Oxbo 5180 has proven to be a force in modern farming. If you’re a grower or contractor looking to increase your yield and efficiency in corn detasseling, a John Deere dealer near you can help optimize your crop output with Oxbo’s field-proven machines.