Outdoor farm show in Canada to feature new farm equipment

New farm equipment will be featured at Canadian farm show.
New farm equipment will be featured at Canadian farm show.
Canada's Outdoor Farm Show is about to commence its 16th installment, and this year's event is slated to have a variety of farm equipment on display.

According to Canada's London Free Press, last year's farm show attracted more than 40,000 visitors. This year, more than 700 exhibitors are expected to attend the event, and the show's sponsors have jumped to 80 organizations.

Lorie Jocius, president for the show, said that the event is geared toward showcasing the newest innovations in farm equipment.

"What you get is a hands-on glimpse of what the future has to offer," Jocius told the paper. "It's a testing ground where companies from around the world gather to introduce new and exciting agricultural developments."

The event will feature a number of new milking systems. There will also be a drilling and planting demonstration that will use a Global Positioning System, which will allow for better performance out of farm equipment.

Along with the Canada's Outdoor Farm Show, a number of recent shows across the country have featured a variety of farm equipment. For example, the Rock River Thresheree in Wisconsin and the Sandusky County Fair in Ohio both recently featured antique farm equipment that was restored.