Parade of farm equipment helps Illinois domestic violence shelter

Farm equipment took part in a benefit for a shelter in Illinois.
Farm equipment took part in a benefit for a shelter in Illinois.
Though some may think that antique farm equipment can't hold its own anymore, there are opportunities for it to do some good.

A recent story from Illinois' Lake County News-Sun highlighted a tractor ride in Winthrop Harbor, which is located in the far northeastern part of the state. The parade adds to a benefit put on by the R&R Crossing, a local tavern that runs a raffle for A Safe Place, which is a domestic violence shelter.

The paper noted that the parade was started 20 years ago by two brothers, Danny and Steve Merkling. Back then, the two heard about the benefit held at the tavern and decided to drive their tractors there, bringing canned goods for the shelter.

This year, eight antique tractors took part in the parade, which acts as a start to the benefit.

"Everybody that hears about it thinks it's a great idea," Danny Merkling told the paper.

According to its website, A Safe Place provides a number of services for victims of domestic violence. Along with providing individual and group counseling, the organization attempts to give victims a fresh start with affordable transitional housing.