Planting early may lead to better lawn

September presents a good time for lawn care.
September presents a good time for lawn care.
Having used lawn mowers to keep their yards fit through the summer, many homeowners may wonder what to do about their grass now that fall is approaching.

A recent story from the Boston Globe noted that September is a great time to do some lawn maintenance, which will pay dividends for a homeowner and their lawn. September has one of the best combinations of precipitation, cool air and warm soil, which grass can thrive in.

"The warm soil helps seed germinate, the rainfall gives it the needed moisture, and September's cool sends a wake-up call to grasses after slumberous mid-summer heat," the article in the Globe stated.

Planting in September gives grass the time to develop a deeper root system, which can help it during the summer's dry months. Furthermore, weeds may find it more difficult to grow in a lawn that has gotten a jump start through being planted in the fall.

Along with planting seeds or laying sod in September, some lawn owners may consider adding other elements to their lawn. For example, a blog on the Christian Science Monitor noted that planting clover in a lawn can help return nutrients into the soil and help grass grow.