Report: Farmers optimistic over Mid-Atlantic crop conditions

Mid-Atlantic will see good conditions
Mid-Atlantic will see good conditions
Many of the signs farmers in the Mid-Atlantic region look for in a good growing season are present, according to a report from Delmarva Now.

The sights and sounds of agricultural equipment during the last season, by contrast, were accompanied by some unfavorable conditions, the news source says, including a long dry spell that heavily affected yields.

However, this year looks to be a different story altogether, according to a spokesman for the University of Maryland's extension.

"It's pretty ideal conditions right now. I don't think there will be any adverse effects this year," Richard Nottingham told Delmarva Now, adding that area wheat farmers are fertilizing the spring crop, while corn and soybean growers are in the process of preparing the soil for planting in early April.

The cold winter may have helped fuel this optimistic trend, farmers told the news source, as the low temperatures tend to kill off a number of unwanted microbes and insects.

Fuel prices continuing to be affected by the conflict in Libya, however, may dampen the high spirits among the area's farmers, experts say.