Roadway tips for farmers, drivers

Motorists need to pay attention to farm equipment on the road.
Motorists need to pay attention to farm equipment on the road.
As farmers in Iowa take to the roads and fields in order to harvest their crops, one of the state's senators is reminding people to be careful while traveling in the state.

Senator Tom Harkin noted that the state's roadways will see increased farm equipment traffic during this time of year, and that motorists need to take notice.

"With harvest season about to begin, it's time to remember that the families and workers who produce our nation's agricultural abundance are engaged in one of most hazardous of all occupations," Harkin said.

Harkin noted that the theme for National Farm Safety Week, which will be celebrated the week of September 20, is Rural Roadway Safety: Alert, Aware and Alive. In order to promote safety on the roadways there are a number of things both farmers and motorists can do in order to stay secure while traveling.

While traveling on the roads from field to field, farmers should make sure to put a slow moving vehicle sign on their farm equipment and that the signs are clean and clearly visible. Furthermore, they should drive with warning lights on.

Motorists need to make sure to keep on the lookout for slow-moving vehicles and slowdown when they see one. They should also only pass a piece of farm equipment when it is safe to do so.

Recently Mary Cox, manager of the Coles County Farm Bureau in Illinois, gave similar advice. She noted that vehicles need to be patient when encountering farm equipment and should make sure operators can see them.