Safety efforts earn John Deere praise from NSC

National Safety Council lauds Deere's efforts.
National Safety Council lauds Deere's efforts.
U.S. workers are safer at work than at home, says the National Safety Council (NSC), as nine out of 10 unintentional employee fatalities take place outside of the workplace. To help combat these occurrences, the NSC announced on June 20 that John Deere is joining with the organization to reduce injuries and death that are unintentional and which happen when employees are not at work.

John Deere, a member of the NSC since 1924, has promoted off-the-job safety initiatives by its presence at and participation in the NSC Off-the-Job Safety conference.

"Increasingly, organizations who value safety, such as John Deere, recognize that keeping their employees safe after they leave the workplace is necessary for operational excellence,” NSC president and CEO, Janet Froetscher, said. “Off-the-job safety, including workers and their families, is a key component of an organization’s safety management system.”

In support of the NSC's Web pages on staying safe at home, John Deere is helping make documents freely downloadable online. These pages include the "Off-the-Job Safety Program Manual 2nd Edition" and an archive of articles profiling the programs that have appeared in Safety+Health magazine.