SRA gets contract to provide services to USDA

A technology company recent got a contract from the USDA.
A technology company recent got a contract from the USDA.
A technology company was recently awarded a contract to provide services to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

SRA International said that its $500 million contract with the USDA lasts for seven years. The goal of the contract is for the department to be better able to deliver services to those who use farm equipment across the country.

"These capabilities are imperative to support USDA's mission of delivering more than $96.5 billion in public services through 300 programs worldwide," said SRA senior vice president Max Hall.

One aspect of the agreement involves improving the capabilities of the Farm Service Agency. SRA will provide services to help improve the FSA's Modernize and Innovate the Delivery of Agricultural Systems initiative.

SRA will involve a number of subcontractors in order to handle the contract with the USDA. Those include Computer Sciences Corporation, Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, SAP Consulting, and others.

Improving connectivity with and for users of farm equipment has been the focus of other efforts from the USDA. In the last year members of the Obama administration have visited rural communities in order to collect input on how the government can communicate better with those who live in outlying areas.