Sweet potato supply may be affected by wet weather

Wet weather is making the sweet potato harvest not so sweet.
Wet weather is making the sweet potato harvest not so sweet.
Those who use farm equipment to harvest sweet potatoes have found their crops have been affected by wet conditions.

According to a recent report from the Associated Press, two of the prime sweet-potato growing states - Louisiana and Mississippi - have seen crops damaged by rainy conditions, leaving some producers using harvesting equipment finding their output reduced.

Citing statistics from Louisiana State and Mississippi State, the report noted that losses in revenue could amount to $55 million for farmers in the two states. Whether that affects potato prices for consumers will depend on crop production in other states like North Carolina and California.

"North Carolina, the nation's leading producer, had what officials there consider a good - but not great - crop, and the full extent of losses due to heavy late-season rains in the Gulf South is not yet known," the AP report stated.

Sweet potatoes aren't the only crops that have been affected by late-season rains, which have kept some producers from getting harvesting equipment out to their fields. Both corn and soybean harvesting have been delayed, while cotton producers have also wrangled with the wet weather.