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Texas town encouraging water conservation, including increasing height of used tractors

Monday, August 23, 2010

Officials in a Texas town want residents to conserve water.
Officials in a Texas town want residents to conserve water.

Officials in a city in Texas are asking residents to voluntarily reduce their water usage, as the area has experienced some higher temperatures.

According to a report in the Bandera County Courier, this year's spring brought a decent amount of precipitation, which led to greener lawns and plants. That trend, however, has been reversed with less rain falling and hotter weather. As a result, city officials have put stage one of its drought plan in effect.

Adhering to this stage is voluntary, but officials are encouraging residents to take up measures to conserve water. Among those are raising the height of blades on new and used mowers.

Doing so will allow grass to stay higher, which provides additional shade to the soil and root systems. That can help conserve moisture in the ground, thereby reducing the need to water and improving lawn quality.

If residents in the area do want to water their lawns, they should consider doing so in the early morning hours. That will allow the moisture to penetrate the soil without being evaporated by the sun during the day.

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