The New John Deere 644K Hybrid Loader Breaks Into Construction

644K Powerllel™ Diesel-Electric Hybrid Front Loader from John Deere
644K Powerllel™ Diesel-Electric Hybrid Front Loader from John Deere

John Deere has announced the release of the 644K Powerllel™ diesel-electric hybrid front loader which will reduce fuel consumption by up to 25% and cut down on job site noise. This Deere front loader is designed with powerful digging forces along with a parallel fork-lift design to ensure heavy loads work with, and not against, the boom.

According to Deere’s product description, the 644K loader features a PowerShift™ transmission, NeverGrease™ joints, and an IT4-certified PowerTech™ 6.8-liter diesel engine with 229 horsepower. The hybrid engine uses an electric drive system which is comprised of four components: an electric motor, generator, inverter, and brake resistor. Deere reported that the electric motor can also be converted to a generator to recycle energy back into the system to save fuel.

John Chesterman, John Deere’s product marketing manager of 4x4 loaders, said “…the constant engine speed helps extend engine life and reduce fuel consumption while the electric motor cuts down on noise on the job.” During the World of Concrete show, Chesterman stated that one of the most innovative features of the 644K is the simplified PowerShift™ countershaft-style transmission that has three speeds and a water-cooled brake resistor.

Along with an innovative hybrid engine design, the 644K wheel loader promises unparalleled strength and power in loading and lifting. The eco-friendly features of the 644K front loader supports Deere’s dedication to fuel conservation and “green” practices.