The New John Deere Commercial Mowers: QuikTrak™ Stand-On Mowers

Landscapers can achieve increased productivity and profitability with the newly upgraded John Deere commercial mowers.
Landscapers can achieve increased productivity and profitability with the newly upgraded John Deere commercial mowers.

John Deere has debuted six new commercial-grade stand-on mowers to enable landscape contractors to achieve increased productivity and profitability. For industry professionals seeking a commercial mower designed to meet evolving needs, the search is over.

The 2024 John Deere QuikTrak™ Q800 E, M, and R Series commercial mowers are equipped with state-of-the-art features that enable contractors to work more efficiently thanks to improved speed, fuel capacity, and mowing power.

"Our new QuikTrak mowers are game-changing machines equipped with features to help transform the way contractors work," said Chase Tew, production systems & business unit manager at John Deere.

What do those features look like? Let’s take a look under the hood.

E Series

The E Series line includes the Q810E and Q820E models, designed with serviceability in mind. These mowers are designed with a single power takeoff belt and aluminum commercial mowing spindles, making changing blades quick and easy. Moreover, the new belt cover design simplifies cleaning out grass and debris, while high-lift blades improve airflow to discharge clippings. Operators using these models can spend less on maintenance and more on profitable work.

M Series and R Series

The new M and R Series mowers (Q820M, Q850M, Q850R, and Q865R EFI) have significantly upgraded over previous generations. The latest iterations offer a wide range of features, so landscapers can select an option that suits their unique challenges and requirements.

The list of advanced features includes improved:

  • Horsepower — The M and R Series offer horsepower ranging from 27 (20.1 kW) to 24.5 (25.7 kW) with EFI engines available.
  • Cut quality — 7-Iron PRO decks are available in 48-, 54-, and 60-inch sizes (122-, 137-, and 152-cm) and ready for any professional job. Improved visibility enables operators to quickly select and adjust the cut height, ranging from 1.5 to 5 inches. At the same time, anti-scalp wheels on the deck’s front and back edges keep the cut uniform despite uneven terrain.
  • Upkeep — Cleanout is easier thanks to improved spindle cover design, so contractors can spend more time cutting. Other elements, such as the leaning pad, can be removed without tools to speed daily upkeep, while the traction drive belt can be accessed without a lift from the top side of the transaxles.
  • Safety — Even weight distribution, thanks to the low-profile fuel tanks, provides better traction on slopes and hills while minimizing turf damage. Tire upgrades also improve traction and curb-climbing capabilities.
  • Fuel capacity — Two 6-gallon (22.7-liter) saddle tanks improve fuel capacity by 114% over previous John Deere models. But on top of the increased capacity, the fuel system has been overhauled to draw fuel from both tanks equally so operators can make fewer stops to refuel.
  • Serviceability — Easily removable parts make maintenance a breeze compared with past commercial mower models. Operators can access the mower deck and engine by simply folding the front engine guard forward.
  • Comfort — Most notably, a larger foot platform with 14% more surface area offers operators more stability, with more room to reposition to maintain balance on slopes and hills. The forward pitch of the leaning pad also helps keep the operator centered over the pivot point for more comfort and stability.
  • Control — The redesigned cockpit-style operator station makes it easier to access controls while protecting them from the elements. The enhanced display provides indicators for vehicle hours, fuel level, engine speed, voltmeter, PTO, operator presence control, oil pressure, and park brake.

If you’re in need of new equipment to level up your landscaping capabilities, John Deere commercial mowers offer the professional capabilities to tackle any job.

And no matter which model aligns with your needs, all QuikTrak mowers come with extended warranties: three years or 1,200 hours for the E and M Series models and three years or 1,500 hours for the R Series.

Visit your local John Deere dealer for help finding the commercial mowers best suited to your landscaping operation and experience the benefits of best-in-class technology.