The tractors of old still provide fun to enthusiastic collectors

Some farmers enjoy restoring John Deere tractor classics
Some farmers enjoy restoring John Deere tractor classics
Despite farming equipment technology improving and expanding at a rapid pace, some individuals still enjoy the simple pastime of repairing and displaying their antique tractors. The Salisbury Post reports on Antique Tractor and Train Day, James Culp exhibited his vintage John Deere B tractor for spectators.

Balanced on only three coke bottles, Culp's 3,140 lb. farming apparatus had wheels turning and engine roaring for the crowd that shares his favorite hobby. Culp has also managed to adjust the engine so the vibrations are very minimal. He can poise a nickel on the frame and it will stay still.

Culp belongs to the Iron Peddlers Tractor Club. He owns two John Deere tractors he's bought from his friend Ralph Bauermeiste, and he's restored both to prime condition.

Fellow member of the group Don Williams of Richfield, North Carolina, finds antique tractor owning to be a great pastime. He told the news source, "Every old tractor has a story."

According to Yesterday's Tractor Company, there are festivals and events throughout the country to look at and purchase used John Deere tractors, though central Illinois might be one of the best places to look. For instance, prospective farmers could check out the Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Show in Lerna, Ill.