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Tips for fall lawn care

Monday, September 28, 2009

There are things people can do during the fall to help their lawns.
There are things people can do during the fall to help their lawns.

Homeowners, having used lawnmowers throughout the year may think that fall is finally the time to pull back on lawn care.

However a recent article from the Oklahoma newspaper the Enid News and Eagle noted that fall is a good time to partake in additional measures to ensure that lawns come back stronger next spring.

"In fall, as the lawn grows closer to its dormant months, weed control is important, and many leaves thrive as temperatures begin to decrease," the newspaper noted.

Homeowners should continue to water their lawns in the fall, though they might not have to do it as much. People who have lawns may also use the fall time to make sure their soil has the right kind of nutrients, including nitrogen.

Furthermore, homeowners who have Bermuda grass may consider putting their tractor blades a bit lower for the year's final mow. Doing so can make sure grass doesn't get matted by snow during the winter.

A recent article in the Boston Globe made note of the fact that September is a good time to plant additional grass. The type of weather the month sees is ideal for growing grass.

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