United States Tractor Sales Experience Double Digit Growth in 2012

Overall tractor sales experienced double digit growth in 2012
Overall tractor sales experienced double digit growth in 2012

Tractor sales in the United States experienced a healthy growth rate across the board in 2012, as well as year-over-year growth in the month of December. This is according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers' (AEM) monthly "Flash Report” for December 2012.

Back in January 2012, Charlie O'Brien, agriculture sector leader for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, said "There's an expectation of growth in all the tractor categories.” Indeed, the AEM data shows total farm tractor sales in the last year have grown by 10 percent. For the month of December, sales were up 12 percent year-over-year.

Tractor sales saw growth across various types of machines, with 100+ HP 2WD farm tractors experiencing a growth of 16 percent throughout 2012, one of the largest growth percentages cited in the report. All 4WD tractors also experienced a 16 percent increase throughout 2012. 2WD tractors with less than 40 HP increased in sales by 9 percent, followed by tractors between 40 and 100 HP at 9.5 percent. According to the report, the only machines that decreased in sales were self-prop combines, which dipped in yearly sales by just 1 percent.

Tractor sales in the United States are experiencing great success, as indicated by the Association of Equipment Manufacturer’s numbers in the December report. This opens the door for new and used tractor dealers to continue to market tractors and other agricultural equipment for another year, as the industry has shown no recent signs of slowing down.