USDA announces benchmarks for ACRE

The USDA recently released benchmarks for wheat.
The USDA recently released benchmarks for wheat.
Farm equipment can be used to plant a variety of crops, all of which may face different market conditions.

However, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced recently that it has established 2010 benchmark levels for its Average Crop Revenue Election program. Producers who plant wheat, long-grain rice, medium-grain rice, oats and barley can get the yield levels set by the department at

"Actual and benchmark yields are used in calculating payments through ACRE, which provides producers an option to protect themselves against declines in market revenue," the USDA said.

The department said benchmarks for other crops and areas of the country will be provided when the information is available. Producers who want to take part in ACRE have to enroll their operation in the program by June 1.

ACRE was established as an alternative to the department's Direct and Counter-Cyclical Program through the 2008 Farm Bill passed by Congress. Payments through ACRE take effect if farm and state revenues fall below the benchmarks set by the USDA.

The ACRE program is administered through the USDA's Farm Service Agency.