USDA grants announced to help research in animal agriculture

Grants from the government may help the animal industry.
Grants from the government may help the animal industry.
A number of grants were recently awarded by the government that could eventually lead to improved conditions for those that use farm equipment to make a living.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture announced that the funds were awarded and totaled $24 million. The grants are going to be used to study a variety of areas, including animal health, reproduction and breeding.

Funds will go to universities across the country and are administered through four program areas that are part of the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative.

NIFA director Roger Beachy, said that the animal agriculture industry faces a number of challenges, which include diseases, lower nutrition and non-tariff trade barriers.

"These grants will help the United States maintain a strong, internationally-competitive animal agriculture industry and lead to safer and more affordable animal products," Beachy said.

The USDA also recently announced more than $230 million would be used to promote the country's agricultural industry around the world. The funds are going to be overseen by the Agriculture Department's Foreign Agricultural Service.