Used tractor, aerator combo may help lawn health

Using an aerator can help improve grass quality.
Using an aerator can help improve grass quality.
While a new or used tractor is one of the most basic pieces of equipment a consumer can own, there are other machines a lawn owner may consider purchasing.

A recent piece in noted that some consumers may consider purchasing an aerator, which can add to the health of their lawn. Although these machines may be pricey, the effect they have on grass could be well-worth the expense, the website said, especially if a person has a large lawn.

These machines can be pulled by a new or used tractor, while others allow the user to ride on top of them.

"When choosing an aerator, find a durable machine with a good warranty," columnist Shannon Dauphin wrote. "Look for steel tines, engines made by names you can trust, and simple controls."

Consumers also have options to consider when choosing a new or used tractor to handle their property. For example, they may want to opt for a riding lawn mower if it would take longer than an hour to handle their grass with a machine that needs to be pushed.

Once a person has a machine, they should make sure to keep it in good shape. That would include sharpening the blades and changing oil filters.ADNFCR-2034-ID-19825973-ADNFCR