Used tractor and garden chores can lead to better yard

A little effort in the garden can help lead to a better yard.
A little effort in the garden can help lead to a better yard.
Spring and summer mark a time when people start getting back to their lawns and gardens.

And as they do so, there are a number of tips they can follow to make caring for their greenery potentially more rewarding. In a recent piece for Mississippi's Clarion Ledger newspaper, horticulturalist and correspondent Felder Rushing noted while some parts of lawn and garden care are a chore, they also can lead to a better landscaping in the end.

While pursing their goals in the yard, Rushing said one way to reduce weeds in a garden is to add mulch around annuals and perennials, while also loosening the soil around these plants. Doing so also makes sure the soil stays cool and accepts water more easily.

Used tractors should also get proper care, as doing so will lead to a better-looking lawn.

"Sharpen your mower blade for a clean, crisp cut that looks better while reducing wear and tear on the mower engine," Rushing said. "And clean the air filter while you are at it."

Experts have noted that keeping a used tractor properly maintained will not only lead to a healthier machine and lawn, it could also save people money on how much they spend on gas.ADNFCR-2034-ID-19838541-ADNFCR