Used tractor tips and other strategies for fall lawn care

Fall can still provide opportunities for used tractors.
Fall can still provide opportunities for used tractors.
While spring is months away, there are things people can do with their used tractors during the autumn to make sure their lawns get the proper start next year.

Lawn care company TruGreen notes the first step in caring for a property in the fall is to walk through it and inspect grass, shrubs and trees. This will give owners an idea where their yard may need additional work.

Fall's weather conditions present a good opportunity to lay down grass seed in patchy or bare areas of a lawn. Furthermore, it is a good time to replace any struggling or dead plants.

"Homeowners' lawns and landscapes can benefit greatly from proper care this fall, particularly as roots continue active growth before the dormant winter months and store reserves needed for next spring's growth spurt," said Ben Hamza, TruGreen director of technical operations.

Used tractors can also be used to turn grass clippings and fallen leaves into mulch. When it is finally time to put machines away for the winter, owners should consider preparing them by draining gas tanks and cleaning off any debris.