Waiting on taking out used tractor may help improve lawn

Mowing less may help produce a better lawn.
Mowing less may help produce a better lawn.
The season to get used tractors back out onto lawns is well underway in many parts of the country, leaving many wondering what the best tactics are when caring for grass.

Recently, home care blog DIYLife provided some tips regarding grass care, including the idea that reducing the amount of mows could actually help a lawn. The posting noted that having taller grass improves soil moisture while also making it more difficult for some weeds to grow.

"Raise your mower's blade to 3, even 4, inches from now until right after Labor Day," author Paul Tukey told the blog.

When people do finally take their used tractors to their lawns, they may consider leaving grass clippings behind, as they can add nutrients to the soil. This may also save money by reducing the amount of fertilizer homeowners have to buy.

Other options recommended by experts for having a nice lawn include changing mowing patterns while also not driving a used tractor too quickly. Furthermore, people should make sure the blades on their machines are sharp, which will provide a cleaner cut.ADNFCR-2034-ID-19805035-ADNFCR