Watch for deer, farm equipment while on the road

Deer may travel near roads during this time of year.
Deer may travel near roads during this time of year.
Motorists on country roads may see more farm equipment and trucks because of the harvest, which should cause them to drive with more caution.

However, the Insurance Information Institute notes the end of the year also is a dangerous time with regard to deer collisions. The animals are in the middle of mating and migration, which could put them more into contact with roadways.

The III said drivers should be careful during the nighttime hours, as this is the time when deer are more likely to be on the move. Motorists should also make sure they buckle their safety belts and use their high beams when other vehicles or equipment are not present.

Experts say caution should also be used when approaching farm equipment during the harvest months, as these machines may find themselves on roadways traveling from field to field.

Motorists should slow down when they encounter farm implements and also exercise patients while traveling behind them. Farmers should make sure they have slow-moving vehicle signs on their machines while using roadways.