Week for ag safety focuses on keeping children out of harm's way

One aspect of farm safety involves keeping kids away from livestock.
One aspect of farm safety involves keeping kids away from livestock.
While farmers and ranchers use agricultural equipment to help produce products, they should also keep an eye toward safety, especially when it comes to their children.

The second week of March marks the Farm Bureau's Agricultural Safety Awareness Week, which is a part of the organization's Agricultural Safety Awareness Program.

This theme for this year's week is Growing the Most Important Crop. The purpose is to encourage producers to make their operations safe for themselves, their families and their workers. A particular focus is being put on keeping children safe on farms and ranches.

"We hope that our participation in this program, will help us teach farmers and their families how to be safe and protect their children on the farm," said Virginia Farm Bureau safety coordinator Jimmy Maass.

Among the suggestions put forward include having children practice care when they are around livestock. Producers should also keep their children away from grain storage silos, as they can present a serious safety threat.

Other experts have noted that farmers and ranchers should not have their children ride on farm equipment. People should also be careful when operating farm equipment on roads.