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Wheat crops can yield best outcome with small corrections

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Correcting parts of your wheat planting can yield big positive changes
Correcting parts of your wheat planting can yield big positive changes

Keeping wheat planting consistent can optimize farmers' grain production, according to Farm Journal Media. Small changes to one's wheat generation can benefit overall crop revenue.

Weather and region play roles in how a farmer should handle their seeding method. To be successful, monitoring rainfall and type of soil may facilitate a superior harvest.

Corn crops are usually measured per kernel planted, according to the news source. If farmers change to planting wheat crops this way as well, it may help support how many heads of wheat will be cultivated per square yard. Maintaining records of seed count instead of weight may provide a more precise measure of total crops produced.

Some features in John Deere farming equipment can aid growers in fine-tuning their crop production, the firm says on its website. Included on some John Deere seeder models is the SeedStar XP, which guides growers towards eliminating seed waste and improving crop profit. SeedStar XP also supervises the spacing and speed of your seed, which if modified could further improve your wheat generation.

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