Wisconsin cow produces milk at record-setting level

A cow in Wisconsin had quite a milk-producing year.
A cow in Wisconsin had quite a milk-producing year.
Tom and Gin Kestell might not mind having this kind of cow.

According to a recent report from Wisconsin's Sheboygan Press, the couple's Ever-Green-View farm, located in Waldo, Wisconsin, is home to a record-breaking Holstein cow. The paper noted that the cow produced 8,400 gallons of milk in a year, or 72,170 pounds. The previous record for this type of cow was 67,914 pounds.

Tom Kestell, 61, said that the cow's production is a "culmination" of what their farm tries to do, though he doesn't want to brag.

"I mean, I didn't give the milk in the first place, the cow did," Tom Kestell told the paper. "We just provide the environment and the care for these cows to try and express their genetics."

Though the Kestell's cow may have had a record year, other dairy farmers in the country have not been as lucky. As a result, a recent agriculture spending bill set aside millions of dollars in assistance for dairy farmers, which can be used to purchase things like feed and farm equipment.