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Young farmer received financial support for USDA

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

John Deere provides equipment for farmers and ranchers to care for crop rows.
John Deere provides equipment for farmers and ranchers to care for crop rows.

Andrew's Gardens, which is northeast of Holdrege, Nebraska, is made up of a storage facility and six greenhouses that grow melons and vegetables that its owner sells at local farmer's markets, reports. Now 10 years old, Andrew Erickson's business began with inspiration from his family's farm, high school farming classes and financing from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

"As a freshman, I thought up the idea of growing and selling vegetables, and then in my sophomore year, I developed a business plan and started the north garden," he told the news source. "By my junior year, I realized I needed a growing shed to start seedlings, so I wrote a proposal to the USDA for a youth experience loan for $2,500 to build the first greenhouse."

He received the loan and has been going strong ever since. Tomatoes are the lead crop, along with significant numbers of watermelon and cantaloupe, the news source notes.

For experienced growers or those just starting their farm business, John Deere, an agricultural equipment maker, provides machines such as the Pro-Series XP Unassociated Row Units through John Deere dealers. According to Deere's website, the model planter features steel, row-unit scrapers that allows the planter to travel through thick, tough soil and keep the opener blades free from soil build-up.

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